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Modern Podcast Strategy That Increases Reach, Revenue, and Improves Internal Communication

4 Strategies to Leverage Podcasts

Understanding how to communicate what your business offers is important. Using the right tools is an effective strategy to increase a business’s online presence, convert more potential customers into sales, and communicate internally.

Using podcasting is one of the best ways to communicate externally and internally for a business. This guide will give you four strategies that help businesses learn how you can increase engagement, drive brand awareness, and build consumer trust through strategic podcast marketing.

You'll also receive periodic reports, articles and data about podcasting. Grow your pipeline and convert more sales using this guide.

51% (144 million) of the US population has listened to a podcast.

Times Have Changed

It’s led to the implementation of new technology in businesses, and podcasting is one of the most effective. With business strategy changing often, so will customer and market demands of businesses. 

It becomes necessary to use the right strategies to stay ahead in a highly competitive space — the Internet. The way a business communicates internally and externally will determine its future growth. 

Podcasting has grow and become popular over the years. It’s just the beginning. Businesses are increasingly using podcasting to improve their sales, communicate with their employees, and connect in a deeper way with their customers. 

The use of podcasting is a powerful tool. Podcasts have become the new talk radio shows on handheld devices, and the new employee megaphone. Using podcasting can help you reach a new audience and retain employees. 

People consume much more content these days — it’s important to reach them through audio. 


We reduce your customer acquisition costs, and increase your employee retention rates through strategic podcasting.

We teach how to utilize podcasting for engagement strategies for internal and external storytelling, as well as execution of high-visibility audience engagement opportunities. We help you elevate your content to support initiatives, transform employee downtime, build individual and corporate thought leadership and drive brand loyalty.

Our podcast consulting agency has years of experience helping business use podcasting to increase sales and communicate more effectively. We focus on strategies that generate revenue and build your business. We are an award-winning agency that gets results for our clients.

Elvin Freytes - Founder MaJenDome & EdUp podcast

I'm the founder of MaJenDome and the EdUp podcast and I recently enlisted Millette's services as a podcast consultant to help me with some ideas on how to market and take things to the next level. Millette was able to distill the information and develop a practical and focused course of action for me to implement. Going forward I feel I have a better understanding of the process, more focus, and greater clarity! If you need to learn how to implement a podcasting strategy or reevaluate your current strategy, I highly recommend hiring Millette's company, Cast Global Media. She is FANTASTIC!!!

Podcasts are Booming, that means Opportunity

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