7 Practical Strategies for Growing a Thriving Podcast

In case you haven’t noticed, there are more than a few entrepreneurs daily talking and marketing the same kind of podcast, and offering the same services. 

You log onto social media and you see many of your entrepreneur friends that sell podcast services, build funnels, run ads, can teach you how to use live video, teach you how to create a profitable blog, and the list goes on. 

Building an podcast isn’t easy, and there are some hard realities that you need to realize.

If building a podcast is one of your goals, there are seven things you can use to get better results and increase your business' presence online.

1. Stop copying others.

Customers buy from someone they know, like, and trust. They don’t buy from strangers. If you are the clone of some other podcaster, they’ll never get to know the real you. 

When they want to buy, they will buy from the podcaster you are copying. Use frameworks that work, but don’t be a clone. Model success but don't copy it. Let your voice come through, and build a podcast that’s yours.

2. Be clear about your core audience.

If you try to reach the whole world, you’ll end up reaching no one because your efforts to reach customers will be scattered. You won’t be able to help people where they are if you’re not speaking to a specific target audience. 

The more specific you can get with your target audience, the easier time you’ll have marketing your podcast, which is what ultimately grows your business. When you do, you will be focused on your strategies. Your branding and messaging should be very clear.

3. Keep it simple.

Keep your website simple and clean. Even though WordPress has a variety of options for widgets and plugins, you don’t need all of them. When someone visits your website it shouldn’t confuse them. When it comes to your podcast, keep it simple, too. 

Build traffic to your podcast. Learn the biggest struggles your target audience is facing. Create products and services that help solve those problems. Rinse and repeat. Yes, it can be that simple to create a solid foundation.

4. Don’t rely exclusively on social media. 

While you can’t ignore social media, don’t make it your number one strategy for traffic and leads to your podcast. The bottom line is that you want to build your business on your platform, not someone else’s. You want people to sign up to your email list, and interact with you personally, not just on social media.

5. Focus on what’s important.

There’s a wealth of information you can learn online. Most of these things aren’t important to where you are in the process. If you’re building a podcast, you probably shouldn’t be learning about SEO right away. 

If you guest post and build your audience through being a podcast guest, the SEO will naturally come, so your time is better spent writing guest posts. 

Sit down, and evaluate where you’re at in your podcast journey, and stick to what will help you where you are. Don’t fall victim to information overload because it can easily keep you from making progress. The speed of implementation is what makes you successful in business.

6. Don’t be afraid to charge.

It would be great to help as many people as possible for free, but you have a business. If you add value and help people, you should be paid a fair price for what you offer. Remember, you’re building a business; it can’t be a business if it doesn’t generate revenue. 

As long as you focus on serving and adding value to your customer's lives, your prices will be justified.

7. Continually grow.

At the end of the day, if you want this to succeed, you have to determine right now that you’ll keep going no matter what. Perseverance is what makes your podcast grow. Even if you haven’t made the process you wanted to make at this point, you can’t give up. Build this business one relationship, and one listener at a time.

Have patience. A podcast takes time to build. With focused effort, you can build a powerful podcast and grow your business' presence online. Use these seven strategies to optimize your building efforts. Have patience, and build something that helps your target audience.

Focus and you will do this.

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