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Podcasting Strategy that Improves Communication

The use of modern podcasting can create greater engagement, foster better communication, and build a business. The latest podcasting strategy and tactics is an effective approach to growth strategies. 

Our approach delivers modern growth strategies for businesses of all sizes. We are in the business of execution for our clients. We partner with them to design, implement, and co-create podcasting focused solutions for marketing and internal communication. 

In a world full of “consultants,” there is a need for a team to not only talk about the right way to implement podcast strategy, but to also jump in the trenches and do the work with our clients. It’s all about results.

32% (90 million) listen to podcasts at least every month.

From our Founder

I'm Millette Jones, and I'm the proud founder and CEO of Cast Global Media. I'm honored to serve hundreds of entrepreneurs and business owners worldwide.

My love of audio goes way back to working for Sony Music after getting my degree in Recording Industry Management in college. I believe in the power of connection through stories and I share that not only with my clients but also through my pro bono work with non-profits, my many podcast interviews, and writing for publications such as Thrive Global, Addicted2Success, The Good Men Project, Business 2 Community, and various blogs. 

Our clients come first here, at Cast, and we're committed to delivering the most cutting-edge podcasting strategies that will add to your company's bottom line.

While your competitors continue with the old way of doing marketing, we show you how to stay ahead by reducing customer acquisition costs and increasing employee retention rates through the use of internal and forward-facing podcasts, podcast advertising campaigns, thought leadership strategies for your executives and more.


Our Mission

After dedicating almost a decade to helping hundreds of online businesses grow,  there was one glaring conclusion. Online business owners understood the power of podcasting and were reaping the benefits, while some of the biggest companies on the planet weren’t. Many large, well established organizations are struggling to connect with their customers online, and keep customers coming back.

Cast Global Media aims to take our experience and help large organizations around the world get up to speed with the most modern marketing strategies, so they can continue to grow along with the meteoric growth of podcasting.

We pride ourselves on delivering tactical, results-driven training on podcast marketing through in house and virtual consulting all over the world. Our clients hire us to consult their in-house Marketing, HR, and Internal Comms teams, directors, and executives.

Our mission at Cast is to give your company a fresh perspective and help you to understand and implement the latest podcasting strategies so you stay at the forefront of your industry for years to come. We can show you how to reduce your customer acquisition costs and increase employee retention and productivity rates through internal podcasts, audio training, branded podcasts, interview marketing, strategic podcast advertising, and more.

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