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Millette Jones is the founder & CEO of Cast Global Media a Corporate Podcast Consultancy.

Influence Customer Loyalty by Forging a Deeper Connection

Businesses want customers. Repeat customers. Loyal customers. But what are loyal customers?  They are drawn to our offers, they engage with us, they’re happy with and what to share the outcome of that engagement, and because we’ve built trust they’re willing to repeat that process over and over. Loyal customers, though small in number, will spend more money […]

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A Branded Podcast can Build Customer Trust and Connection

We know that building a deeper connection with our customers can create trust and grow loyalty but how can a podcast help achieve that result? 1 Podcasting Cultivates RelationshipsHumans are social creatures, we thrive on building and maintaining social bonds. We also generally find ourselves being drawn to those like us.  But how can a business […]

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How to Build a Successful Branded Podcast

Creating a Successful Branded Podcast in 3 Steps 1. Determine if Your Avatar is ListeningWhat is your demographic? Do they even listen to podcasts? You should know the answer before you commit time and resources.   According to Edison Research, 40% of Americans between the ages of 12 and 24 and 39% between 25 and 54 […]

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Podcast Interview Marketing can Bring Warm Leads to Your Business

Podcasts are extremely popular these days and that popularity has grown steadily since 2005 with no indication of slowing. According to current research there are over 500,000 podcasts available on Apple Podcasts (the leading podcast search engine). Many of those 500k are interview-based shows, meaning the podcast host brings on guest experts to interview. With all these […]

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How to Easily Create an Engaging Internal Podcast

You’ve decided that you can’t ignore the benefits of podcasting for internal communications any longer but you still don’t have any idea of what your next steps are. There are many things to consider as you gear up to create your first internal podcast but first and foremost you should determine what sort of content would […]

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5 Benefits of Adding a Podcast to your Internal Comms Strategy

Adding an internal podcast to your communication strategy is a great way to boost employee engagement. Engagement is paramount in attracting and retaining top performers and should be on everyone’s mind.   Why?  Well, the majority of employees aren’t that concerned about finding a replacement job. In fact, a full 52% of them are confident they could find an […]

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Employee Engagement Low? Boost it with an Internal Podcast.

Engagement is one of those hot button topics that people are always talking about but few know exactly what it is.In the simplest terms employee engagement is when an employee will go above and beyond because they want to not because they have been asked or because they think it will help them advance. Employee […]

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2019 Podcasting Statistics

Podcasting is booming yet many corporations haven’t recognized the benefits. In fact, less than 20% of businesses are utilizing podcasts in their marketing.  The latest statistics show that the tremendous growth podcasting has experienced in the past decade shows no signs of slowing and now is the perfect time to test this new media strategy.Edison […]

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