5 Benefits of Adding a Podcast to your Internal Comms Strategy

Adding an internal podcast to your communication strategy is a great way to boost employee engagement. Engagement is paramount in attracting and retaining top performers and should be on everyone’s mind. 


Well, the majority of employees aren’t that concerned about finding a replacement job. In fact, a full 52% of them are confident they could find an equivalent position within 6 months time. 

You need to use every strategy available to increase engagement and build a positive corporate culture to keep your top performers happy. Podcasting allows you to do just that.

Let’s explore some of the ways that an internal podcast can benefit your corporate culture.

01 Podcasts are Mainstream

In 2019 over 124 million people have listened to a podcast and 73 million listen on a monthly basis. Over 42 million people listen to podcasts weekly, more than go to the movies.

With downloadable and streaming content so accessible and widespread podcasts are now mainstream and their popularity will only increase. As the majority workforce begins to shift from Baby Boomers to Millennials companies that embrace modern technology will have a greater likelihood of retaining these tech savvy workers.

Turning to this form of communications allows you to reach your employees with a format they are used to so you have a better chance of your communications being consumed.

02 On Demand Content is Expected

A full 73% of podcast listeners consume the content using a phone, tablet, or other portable device. In this article we looked at how podcasts can engage dispersed workers but keep in mind on demand content is appealing to all employees. 

Podcasts are easy to consume during their daily commute, lunch break, at the gym, or even while they are doing their household chores. They don’t have to stop everything like they would if an important email came through, podcasts can be consumed on the go.

03 Podcasts are Engaging

In this day and age people’s attention span is shorter than it ever has been.  With that fact in mind does it make sense to expect your employees to read in-depth blog posts and emails with enthusiasm? 

By utilizing modern audio technology your communications can be more dynamic. Listening to someone explain complex information is more interesting and appealing than hunkering down over a pile of papers. 

Allowing the CEO, senior leadership or managers to speak directly to employees gives an impression of connection, transparency, and openness that an email just can’t convey.

04 Tame the Struggle to Schedule

If you have a global team you know the struggle of trying to please everybody when there’s a team conference call or a meeting that everyone needs to be available for. There are always employees who have to wake up in the middle of the night to call in. 

There is no way these folks are engaged or happy. 

When you replace these activities with podcasts, your content can be made available on demand immediately. This allows your remote workers to wait to watch or listen until they get up in the morning and are fresh and ready to focus on the message they’re receiving.

05 Peer-to-Peer Connection

Engaged workers don’t just connect with the organization they also have strong connections with their peers. You can build on this culture of peer-to-peer sharing by including employee contributed content in a secure podcast knowledge base.

Podcasting doesn’t have to be extremely difficult or reserved for only the tech savvy. There are simple ways that employees can use their smartphones to record and submit their expertise, furthering their connection to the company and furthering their connection to fellow employees.

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