A Branded Podcast can Build Customer Trust and Connection

We know that building a deeper connection with our customers can create trust and grow loyalty but how can a podcast help achieve that result?


Podcasting Cultivates Relationships

Humans are social creatures, we thrive on building and maintaining social bonds. We also generally find ourselves being drawn to those like us.

But how can a business go about creating that bond with individual customers?

Easy. A podcast.

A podcast gives a brand a personality and a voice. Being in the ear of your avatar for 30 minutes or more every week gives them time to get familiar with your voice and be engaged by your stories.

These touch-points are critical to moving people from potential customer or returning customer to repeat customer.


Podcasting Builds Emotional Connections

These social bonds that humans seek out are formed because we all want to feel like we belong. We are drawn to people with similar interests and shared passions.

As a business you can build these emotional connections with their customers through story-telling.

Whether you create a solo-podcast or an interview-based show relating information through stories will help people see the similarities between themselves and your brand.


Loyal Customers want Accessibility and Approachability

Employees want their leaders to be approachable and people want the companies they do business with to be approachable as well.

Approachability inspires confidence. 

Accessibility allows customers to interact with you in an engaging way. Incorporating customer's questions, their suggestions for interviewees, and their feedback into your podcast is an easy strategy to become a more accessible brand.

Accessibility inspires connection.


Your Transparency can Influence Their Loyalty

Transparency is the extent to which outside parties are able to observe a companies actions.

Using a podcast as a platform to be transparent is one way to influence your customers loyalty.

47% of customers sever ties with a company after a brand disappointment. You can use your podcast to be upfront with your customers about mistakes and what you are doing to correct them.

Not only does transparency breed loyalty it also elicits feedback that a company can use to improve and innovate.

Now that you know why it's important to forge that deeper connection with your customers read about how to start your own branded podcast.

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