How to Build a Successful Branded Podcast

Creating a Successful Branded Podcast in 3 Steps


Determine if Your Avatar is Listening

What is your demographic? Do they even listen to podcasts? You should know the answer before you commit time and resources.

According to Edison Research, 40% of Americans between the ages of 12 and 24 and 39% between 25 and 54 listen to a monthly podcast, compared to just 17% of those aged 55 or older.

Keep in mind podcasting continues to grow at a staggering pace, and it doesn't appear to be slowing down. Just because your demographic isn't fully engaged yet doesn't meant you should test the waters. 


Engage Your Listeners 

With any content the major challenge is creating something that will keep your avatar's attention. For podcasts, research is on your side but you still need to take care to draw listeners in with a hook at the beginning.  

Research shows that 80% of listeners will finish the episode or listen to almost all of it.  While this is great news be aware that if you create a podcast that doesn't provide massive value you may lose the listener. Be particularly careful with too much blatant advertising, It's a podcast not an infomercial. 

One way to side-step this issue is to use host-read ads and to do so in a way that is more organic additionally ads that are host-read are 3.5x more effective than "produced" commercials.

Another way to keep your listeners interested is to start every episode off with a hook. Give them a reason to keep listening. Maybe you use a short clip of the interview or a snippet of something intriguing the host said. Maybe you start off with a question or a cliff-hanger that will make the audience want to know what happens next. 

No matter what hook you use make sure you follow it up with solid content. Whether that's interviews with industry leaders or host-driven solo shows that showcase your thought leadership you must establish your podcast and your company as the go-to expert in your field, only then will people trust you and seek out your podcast.


Bring in Talent

Creating a great podcast will take some effort.


You may have an internal team that's chomping at the bit to produce a creative podcast but if not, keep an open mind to bringing in the talent you need to make it great.

Outside experts can shorten the learning curve.

Consider hiring a host, copywriter, or producer to make sure your efforts are top-notch. Having one or more experts available to get the podcast produced and out to the public on a regular schedule is worth its weight in gold to a busy marketing team,

Also, being open to partnering with influencers and thought leaders. Strategic influencer marketing or interviewing thought leaders and audience swapping can be a key way to grow your audience and listenership.

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