How to Easily Create an Engaging Internal Podcast

You’ve decided that you can’t ignore the benefits of podcasting for internal communications any longer but you still don’t have any idea of what your next steps are.

There are many things to consider as you gear up to create your first internal podcast but first and foremost you should determine what sort of content would benefit your company the most. 

Of course, you probably don’t want to completely replace your existing communication channels but a podcast can easily augment your traditional sources of company news, marketing, training, and announcements.

When you are planning your podcast first consider your audience, what will best serve their needs? 

There are plenty of ideas for the type of content you can produce, here is a list to get your creative juices flowing.

  • Message from the CEO
  • Interviews with company leaders
  • Interviews with employees
  • Employees interviewing employees
  • Q & A with the CEO
  • Replace conference calls with an audio message
  • New product education
  • Training modules
  • Wrap-ups of conferences
  • Keeping remote workers in the loop
  • Team meetings
  • Announcements: corporate, programs, HR, safety, benefits, etc.
  • Organizational changes- retirements, promotions, appointments
  • Corporate earnings calls
  • How to find or use different company systems, tools, or processes

Don’t let that list overwhelm you. You can easily start with one concept and over time add other types of content.

In fact, you don’t even have to commit to an ongoing podcast at first. If the thought of a weekly podcast is stressful consider releasing a short series of episodes on one topic. If they are a success you can expand the series to an ongoing release schedule or create another series on a different topic.

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