Employee Engagement Low? Boost it with an Internal Podcast.

Engagement is one of those hot button topics that people are always talking about but few know exactly what it is.

In the simplest terms employee engagement is when an employee will go above and beyond because they want to not because they have been asked or because they think it will help them advance. Employee engagement is the connection an employee feels to the company and its mission.

When employees have this emotional connection not only will the employee do better work they will remain in their position longer. In fact, research shows that companies with a higher number of engaged workers have a higher net profit rate and higher shareholder returns. (Towers Perrin research & Kenexa research)

Now you know what engagement is how can you go about shifting your corporate mindset to one of creating highly engaged workers?

There are many tactics that can increase engagement and an internal podcast is one of the best.

Podcasting allows you to reach all your workers whether they are in-house, in the field, or work-from-home.

How Podcasting Helps


Engage your Dispersed Workforce

For workers to feel engaged they need to feel they are in the loop. This is often difficult when a company has field reps, offices in far flung regions and home-based workers.

A podcast is a way to connect with workers no matter where they are. Your message will literally be in their head for the duration of the episode.


Recognize Top Performers

Being consistent in publicly recognizing the success of your employees is a tried and true strategy for increased engagement. Everybody loves an “atta boy” and it’s even sweeter when all their co-workers can cheer them on too.

Recognizing top performers in a public forum like a podcast is a great way to put them in the spotlight and show them what their contribution means to the company.


Leader Transparency

Engaged workers thrive on consistent and transparent communication from their senior leaders. You can’t be part of the team when you aren’t in the huddle.

Using a podcast to deliver “fireside chats” from the CEO or regular “state of the company” addresses from senior management will keep everyone in the loop.


Feature Employees

Knowing how a department, division, or even a single position contributes to the companies mission as a whole can drive engagement up.

Featuring employee interviews on your internal podcast allows workers to gain insights and clarification of their roles and roles of others in the organization.

Now that you know how an internal podcast can boost lagging engagement you should read our post on how to convince leadership podcasting is worth the effort.

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