Is Your Organization Ready to Embrace Podcasting?

Podcasting is booming! I say it all the time and it’s true but that doesn’t mean you should jump in without giving it some thought first. There are plenty of things to consider but unfortunately if you have a look around the internet you’ll mostly find articles that talk about how to choose a name or create cool artwork. Of course, branding is important but I think you’d be jumping the gun if that was where you put your focus at first.

Here are 3 considerations that deserve your attention before you commit to a podcast.

What is the overall goal of the podcast?

A podcast can achieve many different things for a business. It can be a way to build your authority in the eyes of your ideal client. It can be a way to build your network. It can even have a limited purpose that’s achieved with recording just a few episodes. Once you decide what your goals are it will be easier to create a podcast that achieves them.

A narrative-driven podcast can showcase the authority of your company, CEO, and executives. This is a great way to go if decision-makers in your industry put a high value on thought leadership.

An interview-based podcast is a perfect way to grow your network and get “face-time” with the people you would love to work with or be associated with.

A limited series podcast is a good way to give your audience a new way to consume information that’s interesting or important to them. Think an audio version of your creation story or your FAQ’s. 

Is podcasting the best medium?

Podcasting has seen tremendous and steady growth over the past 15 years, the numbers are impressive. But there are other ways to look at those numbers. Over 75% of Americans are familiar with the term podcasting but that means 1 in 4 have no idea what a podcast is. About 50% of homes are podcast fans, so 50% are not fans. A full 24% of people listen to podcasts every week therefore 76% don’t listen that often or at all. 

I’m playing devil’s advocate only to remind you that you must make sure your goals line up with what is realistic in your industry. Make sure your ideal listener is actually one of those people who listen to podcasts.

Dig into the research to learn more about the demographics of podcast listeners. Compare that data to your own research into your ideal client avatar. If there is an overlap then you’re in good shape.

What resources do you have access to?

Podcasting is usually considered to be a long-term marketing strategy. It’s difficult to build a following overnight even if you already have a solid fan base for your business. You need to be ready to commit to a year or more to get a feel for what you can really achieve with a podcast. With this being said you’ll want to be sure you have the time, money, and man-power to commit to an ongoing strategy like podcasting.

The good news is that podcasting has a low barrier to entry but remember that low cost usually means a greater outlay of man-power or time. If you want a done-for-you solution it won’t be cheap. If you want a low-cost solution be ready to allocate the hours needed to accomplish it in-house. Be sure you have the assets to invest for the long haul whatever those assets may be.

Once you’ve considered all your options you’ll be ready to create a podcast that can generate revenue, increase your authority, and deepen your connection with your avatars.

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