The Importance of Navigating Podcast Communication Strategically

Companies of all sizes are looking to new technologies to improve business performance. In fact, 78% of executives feel digital transformation is key to success in the next two years. 

However, implementing change no matter what form it takes can be a challenge in the workplace especially moving to a strategy that has never been tried before. The good news when it comes to modern strategies is that the workplace is evolving to be more receptive to digital. 

In a study by Stanford 42% of American workers are currently home-based and they are maximizing output to the tune of a 47% increase in productivity. Given the sharp increase it’s likely that many of these work-from-home employees will remain home-based even after the pandemic is under control. 

With productivity increasing dramatically in the home-based sector businesses are scrambling to connect, support, and digitize their remote workforce. When considering a podcast, either as an internal comms strategy or as a forward-facing brand building mechanism it’s important to implement changes strategically.

Get an Outside Perspective

Before jumping into a new venture it’s important to make sure you understand the upside as well as potential pitfalls. Bringing in a consultant with specialized knowledge can make the process easier. A consultant can bring experience, new ideas, and potential challenges to light that a business might not have seen on their own. 

Assemble a Team 

Once a new strategy has been given the green light it’s important to move forward with a plan. Put together a team tasked with gathering the necessary resources, taking on the administrative details and managing any conflicts.

Establish Goals

Often speed of implementation is not a priority and progress gets bogged down or even comes to a halt. Establishing clear goals and deadlines can keep a podcast launch on track. 

Anticipate Obstacles

Get everyone on board and build excitement prior to launching. Create a launch team and include people from all departments to act as ambassadors. Allow the team to have early access to a couple of episodes and have them offer their feedback. Gain buy-in by promoting the podcast pre-launch so people are anticipating the release and are downloading and listening on day one.

Train Employees to be Evangelists

While podcasts are gaining in popularity every day not everyone understands how easy it is to listen and share. Train employees on how to subscribe, review, and share a public facing podcast. For an internal podcast, consider interviewing employees, it will give them a reason to get excited about listening and encourage their colleagues to listen as well. 

Launch Now and Fine Tune Later

Once the podcast has launched be sure you don’t “set it and forget it”. A podcast is an evolving organism that will continue to improve with time. As employees listen they will have ideas and suggestions. Implement ways for them to submit their feedback and use it to improve.

There will always be challenges when introducing a new communications strategy. Using the process outlined will help an enterprise podcast get to launch and beyond successfully.

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