Sometimes a fresh set of eyes on a project is all that's needed for big shifts to happen.

Whether your podcast isn't getting the ROI you were expecting or your podcast has grown stagnant and needs a relaunch the podcast audit is the perfect starting point.

Many factors go into creating a successful podcast. It's never as easy as the "internet gurus" make it seem. You can launch your show in less than 5 minutes using your iPhone and Anchor but will it attract your ideal listener and will you be able to convert that listener into a lead and eventually into a client?

What to Expect from a Podcast Audit

Our podcast audit is akin to a 20-point inspection you get from the car dealership. We check all the major areas to help you fine-tune your podcast so that you are presenting the best possible product to your audience.

What's on the 20-Point Inspection


Initial Discovery Call

We start with a 30-minute audio call. This is to gain an understanding of where you are and what your vision is for your podcast going forward. If you are USA-based we will connect via phone, international clients will connect via Zoom audio.

Nuts & Bolts

Display & Search Factors

We will look at how your podcast displays in Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, and other industry-standard podcast directories such as TuneIn, Stitcher, and Spotify. We will analyze your podcast's title, tags, artwork, descriptions and more to determine how discoverable you are in the marketplace. 

Nuts & Bolts

Production Quality

Your podcast will be assessed based on production value, sound quality, format, length, flow and on-air presentation. We will review multiple episodes (you can request specific episodes be reviewed). 


Reach & Engagement Factors

We will review your podcast marketing to assess your reach and listener engagement opportunities. We look at your social media presence and engagement, how you currently leverage your listener-base, current platforms, sharability, episode optimization, website effectiveness, lead opportunities and more. 


Audit Delivery & Consultation

A full written assessment is delivered to your inbox. From there you will schedule a two-hour consulting session. During the consulting session we will go over your assessment, discuss ways to implement, and answer any follow up questions you have. This session is available either as an audio or video meeting and is recorded and delivered right to your Inbox. You can review your audit session as often as you need, whenever you need the information.